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BlueChips, a new social networking platform designed to help student-athletes get exposure by literally putting the tools they need to attract attention in the palm of their hands.

BlueChips will exist as a web application compatible for desktop and mobile devices, which will allow it to integrate seamlessly into users lives.  

What LinkedIn is for professionals,
BlueChips will be for student-athletes—a platform that connects coaches, scouts, and other professionals to student-athletes while also allowing student-athletes to network with their teammates, friends from other schools, even friends and fans who don’t play sports.  

On BlueChips, student-athletes can post and update their “resumes” on the BlueChips platform by posting their grades, GPAs, test scores, statistics, photos and highlights.  




Shawn K. McGee, CEO/Founder

Shawn is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, dad, sports enthusiast and former college athlete.


Elle M. McGee, Co-Founder

Elle attends a selective enrollment high school in Chicago where she has been a student since the 7th grade.  She plays volleyball for both her club and school teams.


Miles K. McGee,
Intern | Co-Founder

Miles is a student at Howard University in Washington D.C.  Miles is majoring in Political Science on the pre-law track.

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